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Why You Should Wear Resort Wear

March 12, 2013 / admin / No Comments

Whether one is truly on vacation or simply relaxing close to home, wearing resort wear is celebratory of all the good things in life: friends, family, warmth, relaxation, laughter, love and vitality. Wearing clothing that one would literally pack for their next vacation does not have to be reserved for said vacation or even exclusively for the beach. Linens, pastels, swim suits, tropical prints, flowing skirts, peasant-style shirts, sandals, straw hats, cowrie shell accessories, sunglasses, Bermuda shorts and tank tops all fit the bill.

Flip flops wear wonderfully in the garden and all over town, offering the feet plenty of room to breathe. Loose linen clothing offers good circulation around the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and wearing comfortable, vacation-style clothing is one way to take care of it. The Hawaiian shirt from last summer’s trip to Maui is perfectly appropriate for the first barbecue of the spring. A beer in hand completes the outfit’s allure. Resort wear has been proven to affect the mental states of those wearing it by  inducing memories of trips and cruises past.

In land-locked New Mexico, the ocean beach is an airplane flight away, but the sand dunes with their white silken sands are just a drive away. Residents “weekend” at the dunes in beach clothes as if the ocean was right around the corner. Bikinis, beach balls and beach chairs abound.

Most cities and towns have at least one public or recreational club pool that attracts sunbathers in all their glory. Beach sand is even shipped in to complete the surrounding aesthetic quality. Resort-inspired clothing, swimwear, towels and coverups are downright fashionable while relaxing poolside.

When one is wearing vacation-inspired threads, one is keeping the tropical energy close to heart and mind. The finest example of this is on the island of St. John in the Caribbean, where many Americans have made their home. Always sunny, beautiful, warm and tropical, resort threads are a way of life that never gets old. Socks are a thing of the past and sandals reign. Drinks flavored with passion fruit close out perfect evenings. Eyes stay protected with sunglasses and the heart stays occupied with beauty all around. Resort clothing speaks of humanity’s greatest desires for freedom.


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