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Traits of a Great Hawaiian Dress

March 18, 2013 / admin / No Comments

You do not have to live on the Big Island to wear a great Hawaiian dress. Tropical fashion is an ideal choice for women throughout the spring and the summer. The key to finding a great Hawaiian dress, however, is to carefully select a silhouette and a color scheme that is complementary to your skin tone and to your body type. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind as you are selecting the perfect Hawaiian dress for your next big event:

1) Select an airy, cotton or silk-like fabric for maximum breathability. You are going to be wearing your dress during the hot days of summer and spring, so stay cool with a dress that is light and moves.

2) Purchase a dress with bold, bright colors, but remember that too much color can be overwhelming. That is why it is better to select an Hawaiian dress that uses two or three main colors, such as magenta, gold and green.

3) Wear your dress on special occasions. Who said resort wear was just for the beach? Why not wear a fantastic Hawaiian dress for a unique wedding dress? This is a perfect option for a tropical destination wedding. Be creative with your bridal attire!

4) Do not be afraid to accessorize. That is right. Even with the colorful palette customary for an Hawaiian dress, you still need a little jewelry. Add gold earrings, metallic sandals, and maybe even a flower in your hair. You will be ready for a beach date or a casual daytime picnic. Either way, you will be stylish.

5) Select a dress that you can shape. Usually Hawaiian dresses are loose-fitting. But you can change that by purchasing a dress that can change shape. Simply add a belt to create a waist on your dress. Slip on a shawl or a cardigan to dress up a colorful Hawaiian dress. Purchase a dress with detachable straps so that you can wear the dress both as a strapless ensemble and as a more formal or conservative sundress.

With a little imagination and a little work, you can find the perfect Hawaiian dress that will keep you fashionable no matter where you go. Whether you are island-hopping or just attending a backyard BBQ, you will find instant style and say something about your colorful personality buy purchasing a new Hawaiian dress for your next big social event!

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