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The History of Bamboo Cay

April 9, 2013 / admin / No Comments

The history of Bamboo Cay is a long-standing one that is proud of its longevity. Although officially “born” in 1998, it was originally founded as Aranco, Inc. in Los Angeles in 1988. This garment industry leader in tropical fashion and men’s fine resort wear is a clothing manufacturer that is a family business that boasts of superior quality apparel, fast and reliable service and exceptional customer support.The copyrighted contemporary as well as traditional designs and high end fabrics of its Hawaiian shirts are the main feature of Bamboo Cay, which strives to reflect the islands’ natural beauty and lifestyle with its Aloha prints. These casual and comfortable garments wear extremely well, travel well and stand out when a man goes to events, on a vacation to a tropical paradise or Las Vegas or even to a high school reunion with a theme of Hawaii or Magnum P.I.

Made of polynosic rayon and polyester blend fabrics in a variety of colors, these machine-washable shirts have a silky feel, but you do not have to pay the high price of silk. Often they are embossed and embroidered to give unique touches to an already first-rate piece of clothing.

Whether purchased in Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands or online from a source that imports directly from the Hawaiian islands and features the latest prints, these tropical shirts will be well used and well remembered by their recipients. They will create a special reaction no matter where and when they are worn. Bamboo Cay strives to bring into daily life the lifestyle of the islands.

Already being featured are the Christmas 2013 shirts with the fascinating names of “Surfing Santa”, “Hula Holidays” and “Break Time”. In various tropical colors and embroidery, these new unique Hawaiian designs are sure to bring comments at any events celebrating the holidays and would be an appreciated gift for the men in the family. is proud to be a reputable site to buy tropical and Hawaiian clothing, including Bamboo Cay products. Contact them today for more information and see for yourself the fine quality of Bamboo Cay men’s resort wear.

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